Campaign: Frontiers

Tik-Pakal was born on the Verpine homeworld, Roche, into a large hive. Verpine are known for their exceptional technical skills and natural aptitude for engineering, but Tik-Pakal was an enigma within his hive. While most Verpine eagerly embraced the collective mindset, Tik-Pakal's individualistic nature clashed with the hive's strict social structure. As he grew older, Tik-Pakal was at odds with the hive's values and customs. His unconventional thinking and desire for personal freedom led him down a different path. He left Roche, seeking a life that would allow him to embrace his own ambitions and interests.

Drawn to the thrill of danger and the allure of wealth, Tik-Pakal became a mercenary, specializing in demolitions and security systems. His natural affinity for technology and his Verpine ingenuity made him a formidable force in breaching and manipulating even the most sophisticated defenses. As a freelancer, Tik-Pakal took on various assignments from factions and criminal organizations. His ruthless streak and willingness to take risks made him a highly sought-after asset for those who required his services. Tik-Pakal's reputation grew as he completed one successful mission after another, earning admiration and fear from his peers.

However, Tik-Pakal's luck worsened after accepting a high-stakes heist job that went disastrously wrong. He found himself trapped in a heavily fortified compound with no apparent means of escape. It was a harrowing experience, and Tik-Pakal vowed never to be caught off guard again. The authorities swiftly captured him and sentenced him to serve time in a New Republic prison. During his incarceration, Tik-Pakal experienced the harsh reality of confinement and learned the true extent of his own abilities. Determined not to let his circumstances break him, he honed his skills further, becoming an even more formidable force within the prison's walls. After a few years, Tik-Pakal managed to finagle release from prison, utilizing his expertise in security systems and explosives to overcome the obstacles in his path. The taste of freedom only fueled his desire for revenge against those who had betrayed him.

From that day forward, Tik-Pakal made it a habit always to have a backup plan, a fallback option, or an escape route in every mission he undertook. He meticulously studied blueprints, analyzed security protocols, and familiarized himself with the layout of the target locations. He became adept at identifying potential exit points, hidden passages, or alternate routes to ensure his survival and success. Tik-Pakal's cautious nature extended beyond physical preparation. He maintained a vast network of contacts and informants, always seeking valuable intel and insider information. This allowed him to gather critical insights about potential threats or unexpected obstacles he might encounter during his missions. His penchant for meticulous planning and having contingencies in place earned Tik-Pakal a reputation as a methodical and reliable operator. Clients often sought him for missions requiring utmost precision, delicate operations, or high-risk extractions. Tik-Pakal's meticulous nature and his ability to adapt on the fly proved invaluable time and time again.

Now a freelance mercenary once again, Tik-Pakal operates on the fringes of society, navigating the post-Galactic Civil War galaxy. His primary motivations revolve around survival, vengeance, and accumulating enough wealth to disappear from the authorities' radar for good. Tik-Pakal's ruthless nature and unparalleled mastery of demolitions and security systems make him a force to be reckoned with. Whether infiltrating heavily fortified installations or executing precision strikes against high-value targets, he brings a calculated and devastating approach to his work.

Homeworld: Roche