Fractured Empirs:

Common Knowledge

State of the Galaxy

  • The Third Great Galactic War ended in 27 ATC (six years ago), the Republic and Sith Empire agreeing to end hostilities following the Iokath Incident.

  • The former Eternal Empire throne-world of Zakuul formally joined the Republic.

  • Three Months ago, Supreme Chancellor Kina Cancri ordered the orbital bombardment of the Sith Bastion worlds of Dromund Kaas and Korriban, decimating the remaining Sith leadership.

    • Emperor Vowrawn and several Dark Council members managed to escape Dromund Kaas prior to Kaas City's destruction. They are now in hiding in what remains of the Imperial fleet.

    • The Jedi, disgusted by the unprovoked attack, withdrew to Ossus and withdrew from the Republic.

  • Most recently, the majority of the remaining Sith Empire and its' fleet have left the known Galaxy and fled to the Unknown Regions.

  • Supreme Chancellor Kina Cancri claims the bombardments were done at the request of the Sith Dark Council due to a rakghoul infestation that was spreading across the worlds.

These are things that are relatively common knowledge regarding the war and the state of the galaxy.